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#todayscreation “Bridging the Gap” #art
#TodaysCreation “The Seconds are long” #art


Daryll Peirce: Molecular Structure and Asteroids

Daryll Peirce’s new body of paintings is dominated by a strange, organic substance. Is it the folds of the brain’s grey matter? A visualization of a molecular structure? An unearthly substance from the cosmos? These questions begin to pop up as you realize that Peirce is attempting to access something primordial and universal. When these shapes evoke atoms or asteroids, he reminds us that we are incredibly complex beings yet are still so minuscule in the grand scheme of the universe.

(via asylum-art)

Boxes & Triangles #art?
Ahh, the joy of finding a dirty word that #WordsWithFriends actually lets you play
Today(and yesterday)’s creation. “Limited Chaos” #art
Today’s creation, “Big Bang Theory” #art
Kind of a rough draft to a large canvas I’m going to paint, “Reverberation” #art
Something I painted yesterday. “Snake Eyes” #art
Haven’t named this yet. Too pissed about #WorldCup2014 right now #art